Upgrading my graphics card on the HP p6 2275ea


Hi guys. It is the third time I'm posting about this problem since I couldn't completely understand how to ask for help on this problem, but this time I think I've managed to hit the nail on the head.

I have a HP P6 2275ea (link to specification above) that I bought not too long ago, and after buying it I quickly realized that nothing except my current graphics card (AMD Radeon 7570/6550d) was stopping me from playing my favorite games. I looked up on how I could solve this, and read that (correct me if I'm wrong) it is possible to add a better graphics card using the 16 PCI slots in the computer.

I generally lack knowledge and confidence in choosing a better graphics card, therefore I would appreciate it so much if someone could advise or even point me in the right direction on which one I should buy.

I believe my PC this power supply

Total wattage: 300W
Nominal input voltage range:

100-127V/6A (50-60Hz)
200-240V/3A (50-60Hz)

So just to put it into conclusion: A graphics card that costs around £100 that would be able to handle most, if not all of new games (Skyrim, Crysis1, 2 and 3, Battlefield 3 maybe?),
would work with the voltage on my PC and any links to how to install it into the PCI, advice and personal opinions are more than welcome.

Thank you for reading and apologies for the long post, just wanted to make sure this post was accurate and not hard to understand like last time. :)
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  1. Most of the time its normally quite easy to upgrade your graphics card and move on however! With these AMD A4/6/8/10 CPU/GPU's the store bought computers motherboards are a real pain and some will not allow you to change your graphic settings to PCI-Express essentially locking you into your onboard graphics card. And because your power supply has a pretty low amount of watts it is more then likely not equipped to hand much without using up all of your power supply putting a large amount of stress on it. I hope I didn't confuse you more I tried to be as clear and definitive as I could be if you have questions go ahead and ask.
  2. i think 7750 would the best choice for under 100
  3. Granted he could use a graphics card yes. It will all depend on how locked he is with his motherboards bios because he has a store bought computer.
  4. i had a store bought computer as well which i upgraded the graphics to 5450.
    so as long as it has pcie 16x slot ur good to go !!
  5. Hello all and thank you for reading&replying :) And could anyone confirm what I could do further? Have had mixed answers up above. My pc does have a 16x slot not sure if its express... And how could i check how locked my motherboard bios is?
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