Good graphics card ( I only have on pcie slot )

As the title says I am looking for a good graphics card that will last me a while playing at high resolutions and high settings. The games I will be playing are BF3, Metro 2033 and other high demanding games. Also I only have one pcie slot so I cannot sli/crossfire those cards so keep that in mind. Plus I want this card not to break my bank. My pc settings:

CPU: Intel i7 3770
GPU: Nvidia gt 620
RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance 8gb Kingston (Both 1600MHZ)

Thanks in advance,

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  1. you havent specified your budget.
    so i suggest the 7950 as it the best value for money card which will play all those games at high setting and high resolution
  2. Thanks for your reply, my budget is $150-$300
  3. Nvidia gtx 660ti or amd hd 7950 is best for can maxout any games at high would be future proof.
  4. By the way I have a 1080p 23 inch monitor, will those cards preform as well as you say with my monitor? Plus if my card can't handle games that well anymore I well have to shell out some more money for a new card because I only have one pcie slot.
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