7870 tearing issues

This is an area I have little experience in so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to resolve tearing issues in video playback. I have not had a chance to try any games to see if it is an issue there as well.

I have a HD 7870with dual monitors. One is a new 23" Asus VH236H connect via HDMI. Other monitor is an old 19" Acer X192W. I have little understanding how to resolve the tearing issue and am not really even certain what the correct questions to ask are. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Very odd have you tried to isolate the problem maybe trying 1 monitor at a time and seeing if the playback tearing persists that is quite odd. Also, what do you use for playback. I use powerdvd myself best blu ray support I feel :)
  2. In process of further diagnosing. The 19 inch monitor never experienced this problem before so I am assuming this is a matter of video card tweaking. I did just try a 1080 rip of an action scene and it played smoothly so I am thinking its a matter of adjusting for odd sized video. I generally use VLC and WMP for playback and the issue seems to be independent of the playback software.
  3. Gotcha yea it was good that you narrowed it down to a screen yea I had a feeling since you had different screens that would of been my first guess.
  4. I think it was an issue with GPU scaling being improperly set and greyed out in ATI controls. Found a workaround and it is much, much better.
  5. Are you running Windows XP?

    If you are NOT, then:
    1. Test with only ONE monitor hooked up.
    2. Test with HDMI and also DVI.
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