New system won't boot! Help please!


My first build ever and I am at my wit's end here.

Intel i7-3770 Ivy Bridge
Asus Sabretooth Z77
G-Skill Ares 16 GB
Corsair HX750
NZXT Phantom 410 case
No video card yet - waiting for that

Built the system, turn the power switch on - nothing but silence. Everything is connected 100% properly, double and triple checked. Starting to suspect something is dead, don't know what. And what to do about it - can't single out any single component - can't possibly return everything to Newegg...

Would really appreciate your help...
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More about system boot please
  1. It's always good to try getting into BIOS with nothing more than mobo w/CPU and fan and RAM installed, sitting atop mobo box. You can use the power button on the board itself but it should be easy, only power connections are the 24-pin mobo connector and the CPU connector, and monitor plugged in using the DVI or HDMI connection on the board. Did you try that first or build into case first?

    Maybe power switch isn't connected on front panel connector properly?
    What about the small switch on the back of the power supply?
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    Performing every step in our troubleshooting checklist should help you isolate the problem. There's a link to the checklist in my signature.
  3. Good checklist.

    Power Switch:
    *I've seen people incorrectly attach the case POWER SWITCH. Pull out all the case wires grouped in this section, hookup ONLY the Power cable and make sure the + and - are absolutely correct.

    If the case power switch isn't working, you can verify by SHORTING those wires together manually with any conductive material.

    Power Supply:
    I've also seen people with:
    a) defective power supply cords
    b) the power switch on the PSU not switched ON (some don't have a switch)
    c) no power to the actual wall socket (rare but easily tested with any AC device)
  4. It's actually a shameful mistake on my part. The Phantom 410 has an error in the manual where the standoffs are mislabeled as screws in the mobo installation. Therefore I was like "why would I need 2 sets of screws here?" and proceeded to attach it without the standoffs. Of course your checklist helped me realize that it could be a significant problem.

    We're all good now - I really appreciate all your kind help. THanks!

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