Did my card die?

I have a 3x7970.

SAPP Toxic at PCIE Bus 1
SAPP Vapor-x at PCIE bus 2
SAPP Vapor-x at PCIE bus 4

I was playing hitman absolution.
While playing this game i had few freezes (less than 10)
And i noticed few and kind of rare artifacting.

So , when i was playing the game freezed so i rebooted , and continued playing.. (I thought that it is a game's problem because i do not have freezes that often with any other games)
After a while the final freeze occured , I was playing hitman and the MSI AB OSD was on stating the follwing temps 50c/53c/4(something)c
So , i do a hard reboot the windows boots up and try to boot up for about 2 times and at the third a certain windows repair tool appears (this repair tool did not appear before).

After this boot i have checked the Device manager to find that the second card has the following problem.

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

I have tried removing driver and reinstalling but nothing.
I even tried installing the driver on another windows on the system but the same problem was there.
I do not know how can a card die on less than 50c! (hopefully it is not dead).

Any way , Any help would be appreciated..
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  1. Now , This is weird.
    I turned off the system yesterday and went to sleep.
    And today when i woke up and booted , i found that windows does not report that problem.
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