Graphic Card UNKNOWN failure

So i recently bought asus radeon 6670 hd , and whenever i install it into my motherboard, i get thse Weird bios noises when i turn on the computer, bios beeps 7 times total.. when i take out the gpu it doesnt make any beeps.. my bios is phoenix award. But sometimes i install the Graphic card it beeps 3 times boots and the graphic card works, but if i shut down the computer it wont work anymore.. i have no clue on wtf is happening...
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  1. If you still have your motherboard's manual, you can check to identify the error the beeps signify.
    I suspect that the problem may be with the graphics card although, Asus do make pretty solid components.
    But before you do that, you can:
    1) Try checking your connection with the PCI-e x16 slot. It maybe loose or the card isn't fitted all the way in.
    2) Using the card into another PC and see if the same problem occurs.
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