Need Advice 660ti vs 7950

Looking to purchase in a few days. Going with a i7 3770k with a ASRock z77 Extreme4. My question is to go with 660ti or 7950? Have ~$300 to spend.

Reading the monthly roundup the 7950 had more bang for the buck but I have a friend keep telling me to go Nvidia if I am going Intel. And if I had gone with a bulldozer to get a AMD/ATI card. Any advice on this?
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  1. the gtx 660ti and 7950 are comparable and onced overclocked, the 7950 beats an overclocked 660Ti
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    I have never overclocked but from the board/cpu I have selected and most likely (G Skill Ram) I think I may try it at some point. You don't believe the myth of going nVidia with I7?
    :lol: no i do not believe that myth.
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