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Well I've got another thread going trying to see if I have to go down this road or not.. worst case scenario it's time for me to upgrade mobo and CPU. I was never satisfied with my AMD Phenom quad and am pretty sure I want to go intel this time. That being said, It seems the i5 3570k is the "best" bang for your buck based on what I have been reading. I think I'd like to overclock it to around 4.2 with a Hyper 212 Evo inside of 650D with 3 extra fans on a Scythe system. What kind of Motherboard should I get? I've heard the Z77s are good for them but could someone recommend one? Id like to not spend $200, though I will if the price is actually worth it. Im also open to other suggestions on the CPU and Fan/Heatsink.

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  1. Just trust me:

    I have the Pro4, and I easily overclocked to 4.4GHz in like 2 hours just benching and checking temps. Granted my Hyper 212 is in Push/Pull but 4.4-4.6 GHz should be no problem if you have proper chassis cooling.
  2. Go with the asrock z77 extreme4 it's a good mobo for $125
  3. I like the asrock a lot but how does this one compare? For 25$ more I get 8GB ram for free.. Which is nice. I dont necessarily need the ram if the asrock is better but.. heck.. free stuff is always nice!
  4. That mobo is pretty good. You could go either way and be ok.
  5. Ya that board is fine, the Asrock looks better, but that board will be a better deal.
  6. Will I be able to overclock as easily or at all on that asus board? I dont know enough about motherboards to tell if one is that much better or worse? If the asrock is way better Id still get it and not worry about the ram.. If they are pretty much the same but asrock slightly better.. id rather get that awesome deal on the ram. Thanks guys
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    Go for the Asus, it'll overclock just fine, just search the newegg reviews, multiple people got to 4.4GHz, you shouldn't have any issues.
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