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Suggestions on High end Build for video/rendering/3d model and games

February 27, 2013 10:57:35 PM

I am probability driving you all crazy by now with my constant flopping back and forth on gear maybe it would be better if I just told you want I wanted and got your input
Total Budget for hardware not including case and WC gear is 4k (I finely found a modding service that will build the case I want, so I will grab a cheap case to build the system in while that is being done)
X79 MB (has to have room for 2 triple slot cards) fire wire (I wanted SSD caching but Have since changed my mind after a ton of research the Boot will be a OCZ Revodrive so need room for that as well (or dual 840Pro SSD’s in raid 0)
6 Core CPU (I do video conversion and processing)
2Tb to 3Tb WD Black Enterprise edition (I want one that will last)
Dual or triple GPU (they will be water cooled around end of April so they need to have a GPU block that will fit them most of the 7970’s I have found didn’t have a full coverage block
(I would do triple 7950, dual 7970 dual 680 triple 670 or even 4 660 ti Looking for the best possible)
I am getting into 3d rendering and animation using MUVIZU very light requirements but if I like it I might upgrade to some larger suites

I have 30 years of 8mm movies I am going to be digitizing and cleaning up I already have a frame by frame scanner (WorkPrinter-XP)
Dual 1080 Monitors
I care little about 3d but I need the screen size for the cost of a 30” I could get 3 24’s easy
The games I play Eq2 and D3 won’t tax any card I am looking at.