7850 crossfire

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got my new crossfire setup!

I was just wondering if it's normal to have the usage vary from 80% to 99% between both gpu's? This was in bf3.

Any help would be great!
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    Yes its completely normal. In Canals, albeit a small map, I get 60 FPS maxed out at 1440p with dual 7850's. I think its SMAA injector helping out the AA though, so those results might be a little warped.
  2. I get around 70+ Fps with msaa x4. But i'm at 1080p lol
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  4. I'm just worried about your OCZ 500W. Thats definitely pushing it in my opinion.
  5. Oh man, i need to update that.

    I have a Tx650 corsair on now. Lol
  6. great !!! 7850 crossfire is faster than or equal to a 7970 ghz edition card
  7. I would still rather a single 7970, my first one gets to 80 degrees in games at stock clocks, second one to 70 degrees in games too.
  8. Mine never go above 70.
    You know what is odd though? I run crysis 2 at 1080p @ 62 fps no hiccups, but both of my gpu's are only between the 50 60 or 70 percentile range of usage. Is there anyway to get them to 99%?
  9. Yeah I have the same issues, I basically get the same amount of frames in CFX than I do having a single GPU. I live in Australia, and we have like 40 degree heat atm, so basically my GPU's are never lower than 50 degrees in idle.
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