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I was very fortunate to have received an Alienware laptop for my birthday as my parents know that I love gaming. The problem is, when playing Dragon Age II the gameplay was so laggy. It felt so "choppy" when I played. So slow! I couldn't play the game. I'm thinking that the current Graphics card that came with the laptop won't be sufficient for the games I would like to play.
I am new to this whole PC gaming (I have always played on PS3) and I would like to know about what graphics card I can get so that the game runs smoothly.

Right now I have:
M11x R2 Alienware laptop.
Intel Core i3 CPU @ 1.20GHz, 1199Mhz...
x64-based PC

OK Now I looked under system information on my computer and when I clicked under Display this came up. it was 2 things? I don't know. I'm sorry for my ignorance but I have provided a link to a screen shot I made of the description (wont let me copy and paste the description and it's really long! lol)

I am looking for something that will allow me to play mainstream games like BF3, Skyrim, Dragon Age II, etc. and look sharp and lovely :) but what's the best bang for your buck?

Thank you so much for reading this and helping me out. Also, please excuse any of my ignorance, I am quite new to all this.


Weird thing is, It played Dragon Age: Origins just fine. lol so I figured the second one would word :) guess not!
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  1. I advocate building your own rig for the best bang for your buck and play your preferred games beautifully. It's in my personal opinion that gaming laptops are unwieldy and isn't as configurable as desktops are.
  2. I'm not so sure you can change the video card in the laptop. I suggest you make sure your drivers are up to date and lower your details in the games that run choppy.

    Another option is to overclock, which I believe is possible in the bios of Alienware Laptops. Just make sure you have one of those laptop coolers blowing some good air though it if you want to try that.
  3. most of the time it is not possible to upgrade the gpu of laptops.
    next time tell them to give you the money so you can build your own desktop :)

    much more flexible, you can upgrade, and faster than a laptop at the same price.

    i can't imagine a gaming rig running at 1.2ghz.

    save some money and buy a desktop instead
  4. Can you provide more details about your laptop? How old is it? What is the model? What GPU?
  5. The OP can hardly builder their own rig as this was a birthday purchase.

    I don't think you will be able to put in a new one as your limited by how much power the laptop can draw and space and heat ect.

    Agreed with the guys that desktops are better so at the moment make sure you have the latest nvidia drivers so it uses you GPU when gaming not intergrated.

    Lower your setting too unless they are lowest already
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