Recently I had authentication issues. This forced me to point copiers with scan to home folders features to a specific DC. When users want to scan somthing to their home dirve. They logon to AD at the copier and run there scan. I was wondering if I configured 400 copiers the same way pointing at the same DC. Would a single DC be able to handle all the authentication request?

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  1. Yes, but a better way would be to point it to a dns name that can easily be updated. What happens when that DC dies? What about scan to e-mail?
  2. ss202sl,

    Thank you very much for the reply. As always I am last in line to work on these things and three weeks into the deployment they needed a quick fix. After reading up on the venders documentation to learn more about the device. It turns out that the copiers have a software switch the allows thie system to use either FQDN or Nebios. By defaulf the system is set to use FQDN so nothing else worked. After reading your reply I realized WOW one point of failure :o Not Good.

    So when you say point to DNS name you mean netbios name that is register in DNS?
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