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I'm stumped...

Alrighty so i'll start this off by explaining the error I am having before going into my history...(Why I am posting in Graphics and Displays is because this error did not occur until I put in a new GPU)...My computer freezes before I can even get to the BIOS now :( . Today it froze after a few hours of use and looped the sound of a video I was watching on youtube. Then after a manual restart I got as far as starting windows before the freeze, and after that try I got as far as before the BIOS went up. My plan was to get into windows safemode and reinstall drivers, but being unable too I don't know where to go from here.

I acquired another GTX 680 SC + today from an RMA that I submited to EVGA back in mid december. I was really excited after almost a month's wait to get my system in it's ideal condition so I put it in and started it up fine. I then immediately on login to windows 7 (64 bit) installed drivers for said card and then I restarted my system, logged back in, and played a couple hours of games with no problems whatsoever. The problem occured when I finished gaming and got onto youtube (as said above)

After going to replace my GPU with a 550 ti to see if it was the GPU I noticed this crusted stuff on the backplate which wasn't there when I installed the card. I checked all around my system to see if it was anywhere else and sure enough it was not. It's still a liquid (for now) and has no smell as far as I can tell (it may smell like plastic but I didn't smell my GPU so I'm assuming the plastic smell comes from my GPU) after touching said liquid it was almost a little sticky... I thought it was thermal compound at first so I checked to make sure my CPU block was on tight and there wasn't any oozeing from under it. then I checked to see if my radiator was leaking, it wasn't, and now I have no idea what this could be.

After trying to look up all these issues on different forums and not having any luck I decided to start this thread. Here's hoping we can figure out the issue and thanks to all of you in advance! :)
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  1. Can you please post below your current configuration this will help me assist you.

  2. Oops :pt1cable:

    CPU: i7-2600K
    Motherboard: Asus p67 sabertooth
    RAM: Corsair vengence 8 gig
    Soundcard: N
    Videocard: EVGA GTX 680 SC +
    Powersupply: Cougar CMX 1000W
  3. And you are using this in a water cooled system yes? It appears so can you list some of your water cooling things maybe some water cooler dudes can comment on this as well to give input. Have you thought about draining your water cooling and doing a bleed test?
  4. bigshootr8 said:
    And you are using this in a water cooled system yes?

    Yes although I'm only cooling my CPU.
  5. I just edited my comment :P So is it possible its not necessarily the GPU but possible the CPU?
  6. It's possible although when I got to the BIOS when booting back up the first time it was still recognized and at a cool temperature (32 C)

    Nevertheless I'll still tweak and redo my cooling setup tonight just to be on the safe side. Thanks by the way! :D

    And to anyone it may concern my cooling setup goes XSPC RayStorm High Performance CPU block..Swiftech mcres 2..Swiftech MCR320..Swiftech MCP655..and last but not least Primochill tubing.
  7. I know XSPC and swiftech are reputable companies for water cooling however I don't know a lot about them.

    No problem. I'm doing the best I can without knowing a lot about water cooling.
  8. Maybe capacitor electrolytic?
  9. Alright so last night I checked my cooling system and processor once again and they are both fine.
    It didn't happen with my temp GPU that I had in there so I'm almost certain this comes from the GPU. I took a picture as you can see below that show's what sticky liquid I am talking about. If anyone has any ideas before I contact EV GA again I'd love to hear all possibilities.

    Uploaded with
  10. That looks like a spill of some sort from the tubes or perhaps from the radiator. Either way I take it its a EVGA card and it looks like your back-plate stopped a good chunk of it.
  11. That's what I thought at first..and that's why I checked for leaks everywhere. But it wasn't anywhere else and when I had my temp GPU it nothing dripped onto that one (although I may have knocked something lose when installing it). I may take off the back plate and see if I can figure something else out or I'll look around and see if I can find anything dripping onto it. But until then I can't stress enough thanks for the help and I greatly appreciate it :)
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    Yea most certainly you can always try out the water cooling section of the forums to they may have a better handle on this side of things. But yea maybe you had spilled something onto it on setup. Who knows right? And of course sometimes its nice to just talk through a computer issue with someone it helps relief the stress built.
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