My Graphics card is causing a black screen.

Well i bought a Geforce GTX 660 Graphics card and whenever i hook it up to my system through the PCI-E port it just leaves a black screen. My computer has integrated graphics on in Intel HD. Well i can run it fine while plugged into the onboard graphics but with it plugged into the new card i cant even make the screen wake up it just stays blank and cant access the bios with it or anything. I have a new PSU thats 600w and the graphics card only needs 450 so thats not the problem and its all hooked up to the power as well.
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  1. just use on-board what's the problem in that?
  2. I need to use a graphics card thats not a intel hd... I use it for gaming and that card cant cut it. I need to use the new one I bought.
  3. I am having the same problem. Everything I read says bad card or try unistalling driver and reinstall it. Aslo make sure your driver is updated or check your bios make sure they are set so card can work
  4. did you change bios from onboard to pci-e

    F2 at start up
  5. did you change bios from onboard to pci-e

    F2 at start up
  6. I'm facing this problem now. Any solutions ?
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