What is this cable coming out of my GPU??

So I've brought a Inno3D Gtx 680 4gb ichill accelero hybrid water and there is a random cable coming out from
It and I have no idea what it could be?? It looks like a 2 Pin

Also the GPU has a radiator with it, where do I mount this? I was going to mount it on the bottom of the case where a fan could go as I don't honestly see where else it would go? It will have a fan on it of course. Is this alright?

Thanx guys! :)
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  1. That cooler is an Arctic Hubrid GPU cooler. The cable that you're wondering about is to supply power for the water pump. It's a standard molex connector so you can connect it to your PSU.

    BTW, that cooler will cool like a beast, you should get some serious OCs with it :)
  2. Oh my bad.

    Well that will come once I learn everything there is to
    About overclocking ^_^

    So does that connect to
    PSU or does something else connect into that cable? Cheers for the reply! Oh and also is
    Mounting the radiator to the bottom of the case fine?
  3. Click on the link in my post above.. Nice card btw. Loks ill :D
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