Can a 7870 with a i5 3570 max anything?

Is this a good future proof combo?
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  1. Yup thats good.
    Will max every Game in 1080p
  2. well,
    a i3 with a 7850 will max anything at 720p or 1600p
    it all depends on your resolution!
    what resolution to u want to play at?
    and when u say max, do u mean 8x AA too?
    its a very subjective thing!!
    but if r talking about 1080p with 2x or 4x AA it will max games with good fps, but if want to go above 1080p i dont know!!
  3. @sumukh
    maybe in your signature u should write
    "The benchmarks aren't always "RELIABLE"
  4. I can tell you from personal experience it will.

    Fairly consistent 45FPS at Ultra settings 1080p in Crysis 2, DX11 patch and High-Res textures. Occasional dips to 30FPS when something big happens.
    Far Cry 3 is a fairly solid 50FPS at Optimal settings 2x AA, only really drops lower because the V-sync is a bit buggy.
    Metro 2033, playable frames with high up settings, don't remember the specifics. Though there was one level with heaps of fog effects that reduced the FPS to ~20.
    Batman Arkham City, high settings (dont remember specifics) will get you a 50-60FPS indoors. But when flying around outside it takes a hit to 30FPS, but its not noticeable.

    Lesser games like Assassins Creed 3, Dishonored, vanilla Skyrim, Portal 2 you can get maximum settings and a solid 60FPS.
  5. dheeraj9933 said:
    maybe in your signature u should write
    "The benchmarks aren't always "RELIABLE"

    Hmm..... Thats better. :D

    There you go.
  6. Simple answer NO.You won'tmax out sleeping,hitman,farcry3 hell not even bf3 in 64p MP.
  7. A better future-proof card would be the HD 7950.
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