Blacks don't transition correctly.

Hi, basically it looks like it's 8 bit or something. The black is just horrible. I can see it on the windows loading screen, where the 'aura' of the windows 7 logo leaves like a horrible fade. When gaming, Skyrim's caves and things really suffer int he darkness. Dead Island when looking at a car inside in the dark looks all weird. You can see the transition from the 'light' to the dark. I never noticed this until I got a new monitor. I've got the Asus VE247H and hd6850 :)
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  1. Two things come to mind: Drivers and Monitor calibration. I suggest going through the calibration wizard in Windows. What driver are you using?
    Edit: Since I missed "New Monitor" in your post then it is definitely the calibration. I just got a new one too and the colors weren't even close.
    bunch of calibration tests.
    also if you connected the monitor using hdmi make sure the monitor is set to full range rgb mode (0-255) rather than the limited mode (16-235). The setting in the OSD might be called something else as well like black level or color space or something similar. If there is a mismatch between what the monitor expects to receive and what the card is sending, the extremes will get messed up (dark/bright colors).
  3. Kari do you have one for IPS monitors?
  4. wanderer11 said:
    Kari do you have one for IPS monitors?

    those pics should work for ips monitors as well, some of them like clock/phase settings are meant for monitors using analog connections but most of the test pics work for both crt and all types of lcd monitors, including ips. as far as I can tell anyways :ange: thou I dont really understand how couple of them are supposed to work, like the response time testing and things like that...
  5. I honestly have tried all different types of configurations and the dark shadows going into the light still are boxy :') I don't know what the hell is up!
  6. So you said your old monitor didn't do that? It's possible the monitor is bad, but I don't have any more ideas.
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