First system build - no display

So I just built my first pc. It isn't working... :(. I built it using the newegg tv build tutorial on YouTube. I have an out of case build right now.

My parts:
Amd 6300 fx CPU
His 7870 ghz edition gpu
Msi 970a-g46 motherboard
Geil ram 8gb
Rosewill rg530 s12 psu
Cooler master 212 hyper plus CPU cooler

When I short the power pins every fan starts, including the psu, gpu, and cooler. Lights on the motherboard turn on. I have the gpu connected to a monitor yet no display is coming up.

Can someone help me identify the problem? :(

EDIT: SOLVED THE PROBLEM... You have to push really hard on that ram to get it in there...
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  1. My CPU is also in 4 phase power mode according to the 4 LEDs on my mobo.
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