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Hdmi to vga NVIDIA optimus

I have a DELL XPS 15 (L502X) laptop with NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 525M graphics processor on it. It only supports the HDMI out.

I was having this old monitor LG L1730S with only vga connection. I decided to buy the HDMI to DVI and a DVI to VGA connectors as shown in the pic. I connect them back to back(as shown in picture) to plug in the VGA going towards the monitor but it does not show up.

I have tried and tested the dvi to vga connector a desktop with nvidia 9600GT and it works like a charm. Any Idea where I could be going wrong??? Is something special needed to convert HDMI to DVI?

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    HDMI is digital only.
    DVI can carry both digital and analog, but if you use HDMI-to-DVI, there is only digital signal.
    DVI-to-VGA makes use of analog part of DVI, so it can't work this way.

    The only option is active convertor (some electronics to convert digital to analog), will cost a little more than this.
  2. That makes a lot of sense. I'll look into devices available. Thanx a ton
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