Dual monitors + 7950

Hey guys i have an XFX 7950
1 x HDMI
2 x Mini DisplayPort
2 x DVI (1 Single Link, 1 Dual Link)

And i just bought two Acer s220h monitors They only accept what looks like a single link DVI cable;

Im wanting to use dual monitors, but dont know what cables to buy or how to go about doing it,
can i use a HDMI to dvi port, and a DVI to DVI?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and if you Could be kind enough to link me to products in the uk
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  1. HDMI to DVI + DVI to DVI would be the easiest way to do it... you should be able to pick up an HDMI--DVI adapter or cable for cheap online
  2. Or you could just plug then into the DVI ports with the DVI cables they came with. You're making this harder than it is
  3. Do what unksol said. Single link will work fine on a dual link port, but not the other way around. You have dvi cables, you have dvi ports. Problem solved.
  4. hahahahaha i totally failed at reading his post... thought he only had 1 DVI out

    Yeah unksol has it
  5. So it should be easy to plug them in with the two dvi ports, but with a Vertical Viewing Angle of 50-degree (according to the data sheet) this monitors are not ideal for a dual setup anyway.
  6. I didnt get dvi cables with them, thats why im asking
  7. Oh, then buy DVI cables on Amazon. Every monitor I have bought came with vga and dvi.
  8. Only vga cables came with these for some reason, and i should have probably said, i didnt know what dvi cable to get, as the out puts a different on my card
  9. What do you mean by different? You didn't mention the exact model of your card but on the pictures i found it looks like two identical dvi ports?
  10. http://www.uwp.edu/departments/campus.technology/information/classroom.technology/forms/documents/DVITypes.pdf

    XFX 7950
    My card has one DVI-I and one DVI-D
    and i didnt know if i could use two DVI-i cables
  11. The -i means it carries both an analog and digital signal. dvi-d will work fine on a dvi-i port.
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