Do I Have an adequate gaming build?

Hi, would like some feedback on this build. I may overclock. Is it worth investing the extra money for a better overclocking motherboard (ie AsRock Z77 Extreme4)?
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    If you want to overclock, it might be better going the extreme 4 and the hyper 212 evo.
    Here's a list with it with about the same price as your initial build :

    You can get cheaper ram in ncix is :
    HDD :
    Cooler(hyper 212 evo) :

    The seasonic psu is of high quality, but the capstone 650M is cheaper with the rebate, and it's 80 plus gold, it has more efficiency, it's also a quality psu made by superflower.
  2. You could get this asus z77-v le
    It's a little better at overclocking and it comes with free ram.
  3. The free ram is one 8gb stick. P/P rating, I'm not sure it's an upgrade.
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  5. Thanks, nice case you found.
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