Sli gtx 550 ti

hello,i need to ask(neglecting other components of rig)-
1. if sli 2 gtx 550 ti cards,how much performance will be gained?(any benchmarks if possible)
2. also ,sli 2 gtx 550 ti=??? (which today's single nvidia card ?)
3. n which card is best for sli with gtx 550ti to gain maximum performance?
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    GTX 550 Ti's in SLI are roughly just under a GTX 570, depending on the game of course. You can only SLI a GTX 550 Ti with another GTX 550 Ti.

    The current generation single card that is closest to a GTX 570 is the GTX 650 Ti Boost or GTX 660.

    Since a new GTX 550 Ti costs $105-$120, I would recommend going with a single GTX 650 Ti Boost for $150 (1GB) or $170 (2GB) and selling your current card. Better yet, you could go for the GTX 660 2GB for $190 and get a free copy of Metro: Last Light.
  2. thanks buddy,u exactly cleared me what i wanted to know.thanks for ur help.
  3. No problem.
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