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So I recently built a new machine after my old one of about 5 years died (motherboard died).

I have an Intel Mobo h67 chipset.
I chose a Pentium g860 (Dual Core 3ghz) for now to keep cost down (will be jumping to i7 eventually).
8gb ram.
Win7 64bit.
600w psu.

Now heres the thing... I made a newb mistake and didnt research much into modern graphics cards. I had an old one (maybe 3 yrs) in my old machine and I figured I could just use it. It is an evga GeForce 8500 gt...

Well when i tried some games(arma2 planetside2 AoC) on my pc and they ran like s**t, I looked up some benchmarks and lets just say the 8500 gt is not top of the line.

So my first question..Is it safe to say my 8500gt is bottlenecking my performance?

And given the rest of my specs, if I were to upgrade to maybe a HD 7850 or GeForce 650 ti (both options to keep a lower budget), how would it handle games like Arma 2, Planetside 2, or even far cry 3?
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  1. i would say, my friend, that you need to upgrade the card. go with geforce, i am unsure if it will handle your games well but it aids me in games greatly, though i dont play the games you have listed. if problem still occurs, return card and but card meant to be pushed for gaming.
  2. First off, what resolution is your monitor?
  3. Get hd 7850 without any can maxout games at upto 1080p.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    My monitor is an older vga non-HD. (that will be another upgrade to come, I built this system on a budget with the intent to upgrade as I can).

    I looked up some benchmarks, where a 650 ti scores a 2.7k, and a 660 ti is around 4.7k, my 8500gt scores a 147.

    Side note: I don't intend to run games at max settings, just low or medium with playable framerates.

    I suppose my main reason for posting is to verify that my gpu is the most needed upgrade at this time.
  5. If you are trying to save as much money as you can and still play on low-medium settings you could always get the AMD 7770 for ~$120. Will play most games at high settings at sub 1080p... Would be nice if you could give us the actual resolution of your monitor.
  6. Monitor is 1280 x 960

    Should I consider a monitor AND video card upgrade? If I did that my gpu card limit would be about 150$
  7. What monitor would you get? Or a better question: What is your total budget for monitor+GPU?
  8. Basically the cheapest 1080p monitor I can find.

    I could probly do 300-350 for a budget.
  9. You could go with something like this:

    23 inch monitor :
    GTX 660 :
    AMD 7870 :

    Personally i would get the GTX 660.

    Would be about $370.... $350 after rebate but the GTX 660 comes with AC3 if you care and the AMD 7870 comes with some Nexuiz game coupon... whatever that is.
  10. thanks for the input. I may go with something like that, or possibly this:

    GIGABYTE GTX 650 ti 2GB

    It is miles ahead of my current old video card, and because it supports vga I wont have to buy a monitor just yet, and when I do get an HD monitor, the card will be ready for it.

    Leaning towards the second option, as the 650 ti price range is something I can do more easily right now.
  11. You might be better off getting the 660 now... and saving up for a monitor... If you get a gtx 650 Ti you might not be to happy with the performance when you do upgrade your monitor to 1080p.
  12. heres a question...can i get an adapter to run a 660 to VGA? (trying to avoid having to get the monitor right now)
  13. Yes they normally cost in the $2-5 range.
  14. awesome. Think I have my solution. Thanks for all the help.
  15. NP! Happy to help out.
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