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Whats the difference between all these all these GeForce GTX 670's. I don't understand why there are so many different GPU's of just 1 model.
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    Note how most of them have different manufacturers. Galaxy is a different company than EVGA and ASUS. Also, some of the cards have 4 gigs of memory, some don't.
  2. But a 670 is some serious firepower. What are your system specs?
  3. Its basically just different companies with different coolers/warranties/overclocks but the same GPU hardware for the most part.
  4. Im gonna be building my own pc, probably getting two of these. Thx for the help. Can you guys recommend which one of these would run a fairly high graphics game (such as bf3) whichi can run on high, and also can record at 30 fps.
  5. Unless you run ultra high resolution, one 670 will haul any game out there without much sweat..... Then you can get another one when games become more demanding (maybe when next gen consoles come out).
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