I need to know a good build that will play anygame to date and future

Hi, my name is Trent and I'm wondering if you guys could give me some insight on what build i can make to play any game to date on ultra settings 1080p, I have $4000 AUD to spend on the rig with screen keyboard and mouse in with it, as you can see I'm from Australia so i need to know an Australian site where I can buy the parts from preferably not newegg because they don't ship to Australia and if they do i don't know about it. i do have a site but i don't know if there the cheapest its...www.pccasegear.com, now I am buying piece by piece i can put it all together by my self and install windows. etc so yeah go ahead guys do you're best for me, my preference is amd but I am willing to go with intel.. thanks
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  1. You might want to fill out this form, will give us the info needed to best help you.

    For a rig that will max anything at 1080p, you don't need to spend more than ~$1700 down under, ~$2000 if you include monitor, keyboard/mouse and such.

    PC Case Gear is a reputable site, I pretty much buy solely from them now, great customer service I'v found. Not many other retailers are open the day before New Years and taking calls to slightly alter an order of water-cooling parts :lol:.

    How far in the future are you expecting to max out games? Because if its anything beyond a year, maybe two if you go ridiculous overkill then its impossible. You just cant, technology moves too quickly.
  2. Approximate Purchase Date: Unsure as I'm buying part by part

    Budget Range: 3500

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Mostly gaming least would be watching movies

    Are you buying a monitor: Yes

    Parts to Upgrade: new build

    Do you need to buy OS: no

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: www.pccasegear.com

    Location: Tasmania, Australia

    Parts Preferences: Amd but will go intel if the price is right

    Overclocking: Yes

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes

    Your Monitor Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  3. ^ Ahh, so not 1080p. Thats why the form needs to be filled out.

    I assume you have a PCCG account? I'l make a public wishlist and send you the link, though will also type it out so others can comment on it.

    Any preference for aesthetics? You including mouse/keyboard? Do you want the capability for custom water loops in the future (do you want one now?)?.
  4. Yeah I have a PCCG acc well I've already got me case which is this
    and i was having a read on the forums and it was saying that intel is better for gaming so i may aswell go with intel, and yes i'm including mouse and keyboard... thanks
  5. and about the watercooling i was actually going to just get a pre done watercool kit like the coolermaster h80i or something like that
  6. Got a build here, luckily the blue colour scheme I went for goes well with white.

    You will want to take down your email unless you want some spam, especially when it has your name in it.
    Havent included a mouse/keyboard because it is very subjective what will work for you, but you have plenty of room in the budget for even the most extravagant keyboards or mice.

    EDIT: My advice when it comes to water-cooling, especially Down Under, go hard or go home. The price that a high end water-cooler like a H100 is, your only a few bucks off getting a custom kit and a massive increase to performance. If your unwilling to go custom, then stick with air cooling, because CLC (Closed Loop Coolers) perform the same as equivalent air cooling for a lot more money.
  7. About the custom water cooling i know nothing about it i wouldn't know the first thing about setting it up i mean it could leak and wreck all me gear if you could give me some pointers on how to install it then yeah sure i'll try it
  8. Dont feel pressured into custom water-cooling just because I suggested it, wouldn't want to put you into a water configuration without the knowledge of what your getting yourself into.

    If you are interested, I advise reading through the water-cooling sticky. It explains a lot of the background knowledge and concepts behind water-cooling.
    Might take a few read's for everything to click together.

    Once you understand whats in the sticky you should have a general idea of what to pick when it comes to configuring a custom loop. I advise starting a thread in the water-cooling forum if you decide too, as that way you can get feedback on your choices and can ask questions that may not be covered in the sticky.
  9. Say i overclock the cpu to 4.5 ghz would that cpu cooler u suggested keep it under 80C?
  10. A Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO could do that, though if you wanted to push it further than I would say the Noctua I had in the build above.
  11. Well anyway thank you so much you have been a great help for me if i have anymore questions i'll know where to come to:)
  12. *Manofbuilds's parts are generally very good.
    (In particular a good gaming system is best designed based on the i5-3570K and a Z77 1155 motherboard, and 8GB of DDR3 memory).

    1) That Noctua NH-D14 cooler uses 3-pin Voltage-controlled fans. Most motherboards now only use PWM fans (or the fan speed can't be controlled).

    2) I recommend this 3-slot card (overclock to 1000MHz). It will run quieter, even clocked at 1000MHz then any similar card due to its large, efficient cooler:

    3) I love 27" 2560x1440 monitors. If you decide to get one another option is the similar DELL monitor which has a zero-defects 3-year Warranty with next-day shipping and no cost to ship your monitor.

    It also depends on what you can get and what is supported where you live but if possible this Dell is awesome:

    4) Power Supply:
    I recommend at least a 650W with sufficient connections, however there are likely better deals than the one listed. I like some of the Antec High Power models but do a little research and look for sales.

    5) I agree on the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB, but get a 2TB or 3TB Hard Drive for games, C-Drive backup, Media etc.

    6) If possible, get a Z77 1155 motherboard with Creative onboard audio. Alternatively get an Asus or Creative addon card. You don't need amazing speakers but spend at least $50 stereo or $100 surround (I dislike rear speakers as they are a pain to setup; if you get a subwoofer make sure the POWER switch is in one of the speakers not on the subwoofer).

    Three value boards with great reviews (also compare current pricing, Warranties, customer reviews, and the BIOS interface):

    *If I had to pick, I'd get the Asrock Extreme 4.

    7) Windows:
    - Windows 8 64-bit OEM, and
    - START8 from Stardock ($5)
    *Windows 8 has many improvements over Windows 7 (faster boot, more secure, more reliable, better SSD support, improved memory manager, improved Windows Explorer..) however it gets a bad rep due to the stupid new interface. However that's easily fixed by getting START8.

    I've been gaming with Windows 8 64-bit since release and also build PC's. I was unsure at first, but now can strongly recommend it over Windows 7 (again with START8 as well).
  13. 2560x1440 points:
    - most games are ideally run at 1920x1080 for the best performance/quality (exceptions are games like Diablo 3 with small text/HUD or games that can run at 60FPS VSYNC'd on max settings like LFD2).
    - use 140% DPI scaling at this resolution
    - Firefox + NoSquint to set default scaling
    - CTRL+Scroll to manually resize web pages.
    *Also, RadeonPro for AMD cards can force AA, VSYNC or even 50FPS if desired. (For example, Witcher 1 has no VSYNC support, find the "witcher.exe" file, drag it into RadeonPro then enable VSYNC. Monitor the frame rate with FRAPS and you should see it lock to 60FPS to avoid screen tearing.
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