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I was wondering about something and thought you guys could answer this for me. :)

I understand ISP's keep a MAC address on file for your account. I am not sure if Charter does this or not.

What my question is what MAC address do they actually keep on file?

Initially when I had Charter come out and setup my connection, it was their cable modem to my PC. Very shortly after, I got a wireless router hooked up with the modem and now other devices going through the wireless router. I have some devices connected wirelessly and others just hard wire directly into the router itself.

As I said, my main question is what MAC address is stored with your ISP? The cable modem's, routers, or what? I read somewhere that it is the first device connected to the network, so that would mean it would be the modem right or can you make a case for the router?

My other question was if there is a way to change what MAC address they have on file for you? Would that be by just getting your own cable modem or router?
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  1. I believe it is the modem, or the modem/router if it is a single unit.

    Some ISP(s) will force you to register the mac address with them before you can connect with it to their system.
  2. I see.

    So at most, it would be either the cable modem or the wireless router I am using and not devices on my network, such as an X-Box or Laptop? I suppose those MAC addresses get registered to their system automatically?
  3. I could be wrong, but I do not think that those other devices get registered to their network. Regardless, everything points back to your modem anyhow.
  4. That would mean anyone looking in from outside or if any information was needed, the only MAC that the ISP should have on file is your modem's, basically.
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