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7870 + Aero Theme Issue Help Required

January 10, 2013 2:04:08 PM

Hello ever since i purchased my MSI 7870 Twin Frozr , i havent been enable to run aero themes, the taskbar just stays Sky Blue colour and only thing i can change is background, i can not get out of windows basic colour for some reason

I have the lastest amd drives, and have un/reinstalled them.

I did have a program called xsplit which allowed me too stream on PC, which would put windows in basic colour mode, then revert back too my aero theme once exited program. I have uninstalled Xsplit and removed any traces, but now im constantly stuck in basic colour theme. So XSPLIT cant be the issue. I dont have any other stream programs/image software that would cause my pc too be stuck in basic colour mode, and not allow aero

My specs are
MSI 7870 Twin Frozr
AMD fX4100 4.6ghz/H60 cooler
16G Vengance 1600mhz ram
550 XFX Pro Psu

22' HDTV as monitor

If anyone would have a clue as too why i cannot use aero themes, it would be greatly appreciated thank you .