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After returning from the local PC show this weekend (without a new PC), I am left with one major question; regarding CASES/PSU's. I am leaning toward either the <font color=red><i>Enermax FS-710 or Antec 1030 case</i></font color=red>. It seems as if the only difference is the PSU. Any opinions on which is better and quieter? Are there any other cases in the $100 price range that might serve me better. I'm not building some crazy system, just a P4T-E - based system. I want a good reliable case that doesn't sound like a helicopter.

I was unbelievably surprised at the prices of refurbished monitors....<font color=red><i>$219-$269 for refurbished 21" Trinitrons?!?</i></font color=red> These all came with a 3-year warranty by the local vendors. While this scares me a bit, what gives? Any caveats other than them possibly going out of business? I don't even need a monitor, but 21" Trinitons for $250 seems to me to be a steal. Thanks again for the help.

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  1. Enermax FS-710 have better PSU. I have the same case. It is great.
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