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Hello guys,

I want to put a new PC together. I want to be able to play the newest games on high quality and also be able to multitask a lot. Important is also that it can handle files fast. For example a 7 Gb file that takes ages to extract.

I am from holland and have a dutch company called Azerty in mind:

Is this a nice built? Are there any suggestions to make it cheaper or even better?
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  1. I would go for a smaller gold rated PSU. The i7 only draws 77 watts. The GTX680 draws 195 watts. The motherboard, ram, drives, and fans will draw around 50-75.

    The entire computer at full work load will only draw around 350 watts. Using a 800 watt PSU is sort of a overkill.
  2. It's a nice build. If the primary purpose of your rig is gaming, the i7-3770k will only give you marginal boosts from the i-5 3570k so I suggest getting the i-5 to cut costs. Unless you want to get monster overclocks, you don't need the water cooling, I also imagine that it's cooler up there in Holland?

    You also don't have to get 8 gb RAM as a great majority of games doesn't even get to 8 gb yet.

    Aand finally, your WD Green HDD will be slower than a Blue or Black, because Greens are power-efficiency oriented.
  3. Extraction of files (RAR, Zip, 7-Zip, etc) are file system speed limited, not CPU speed limited. When you extract a Rar archive, for example, you can use the Task Manger to view the CPU load. Usually those don't (for modern systems and SSDs) peak over 50% (mostly 10% range), unless you setup a RAMDISK.

    A SSD helps, and separate source-destination drives helps (you'll have to configure the Rar/Zip/whatever program to use a scratch area on another drive, or the destination drive). So for example, you can set it up such that the read file (archive location) is on the SSD, and extraction/temporary/scratch location is on the HDD.

    Your build looks pretty good, but I would suggest an air-cooler (thermalright's Archon for example) for long term reliability, at least until Swiftech's H220 is released for sale next month.
  4. Thnx a lot for the information guys:)

    1) What kind of PSU would you take? i want to keep the option open to upgrade to SLI in future. I also intend to overclock a bit.

    option 1:
    option 2:

    2) I would indeed like to overclock (at least try to :P). I would also like to have a PC that wont be outdated quickly. Is it smarter to go for the i7 then?

    I have chosen 8 GB of ram to be prepared for the coming years.

    3) I wil look into the separate source destination stuff. I have a SSD included in the built, I really hope this wil help speed the things up.

    I wil look into an airfilter. Is there a nice one you suggest that is good for OCing and includes the colors black and/or yellow. This are the colors of the mobo and graphics card :P
  5. Looks pretty good. I see this is available on Azerty... It is a better cooler than the one you picked, and cheaper too due to sales/discounts:

    If you can get this, I'd suggest this for the money, it is UNUSUALLY cheap for this very high quality cooler.

    These guys (among others) have reviewed this cooler and said that it is among "best of the best":

    If you do get this cooler (and save some money in return, surprise), read up a bit on its variable pressure tightening system, you don't want to OVERTIGHTEN it!!
  6. You want my take? Here goes: NICE ONE.

    On serious note, with the cash you saved by picking the 670, why not invest in 80+ Gold (or better) PSU?
  7. Quote:

    It looks fine with me. The specs are great, the money isn't bad. If you want to toss in some money for a different PSU as others have suggested, that's fine too, but it is basically good to go.
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