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Video card work w/ this board?

Hello! I am new to tom's hardware as a forum poster, but have visited in the past for tech support. So, i decided to (finally) create an account! :P

I was looking for help to see if this particular graphics card would run properly in my motherboard..
(ok, i know it's an old board. But i just got this board in a computer from my parents, which had crapped out on them and thus gave it to me to use.)

Also, i believe my power supply is only 250w, should i buy a new one, and if so what preferred company?
My goal is to make it into a budget gaming pc.

Thanks for any advice! :)
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  1. Yes it will need to get new psu.get hd 7750 and corsair cx430w psu.
  2. ok, thanks! Out of curiousity... how much of an improvement is the hd 7750 over the one i have listed?
  3. alright, i am now learning something lol... i see that the amd radeon hd 7750 is used in several cards. So, is their any card/company that you'd prefer to purchase?

    also, another question... my pci-express slot is just a 1 i think... the once card i like is 2.1, and the one recommended is 3.0. There going to be any problems if i put a higher 'rating' into my pci-e 1.0 slot?
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    No there will be no problem pci exp card is backward pci 3.0 card works on 1.x slot.hd 7750 is good budget card can easily handle games at high at 1366*768 resolution.
  5. I reccomend get 'saphhire' hd 7750 or 'His' hd 7750.
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