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Power Supply for GTX 660 ti

Hi, I bought a GTX 660 ti, but now I'm a bit worried if my current power supply will be enough

Right now I have a 2 years old 650w Thermaltake power supply (I specify the 2 years old because I've heard that they start losing wattage capacity with time)

My PC specs are:

Procesor: I7-930
Ram: 3 x 2GB DDR3
HDD: 1 x Sata-2
Graphic Card(soon): 1 x GTX 660 ti

I'm not planning in any other major Upgrade for my system (maybe a 2nd HDD)

So my question is, will be my 2 years old 650w Power supply be enough? if not what would you recomend me to get?

Thank you for your time :D
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    It is enough for gtx 660ti.please tell +12v ratings on your psu sticker.
  2. Sure! it says:

    Max output current: 44A
    Max output power: 528W

    thanks again
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