Having problems installing catalyst BSOD HELP!!

During the installation of the catalyst, it says the screen may flicker a couple times. My screen flickers and goes black but doesn't come back. And after a while of black screen, BSOD pops up.

I couldn't read everything it said on there but it said the screen refresh timed out and the computer shut itself down to prevent damage.

The graphics card I'm installing is Sapphire Radeon HD 6850.

I have tried installing the catalyst from both amd and sapphire website. Neither worked, and had BSOD both times.

I deleted everything AMD and ATi following this guide:

After following the guide step by step, I tried installing the catalyst but same thing happened.

Can someone please help me!!
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  1. I havw not used a graphics card on this build before. This build is fairly new and this is the first graphics card I'm attempting to add to this build.

    However, I have used this graphics card in a different build, and have not encountered such errors on that build.

    The difference would be that I had the drivers installation CD for the other build, but this one, I'm having to download the drivers from the website.
  2. Been there, done that... I don't bother with Catalyst updates any more now. Maybe you could use the driver CD first and then use the downloaded drivers to update them? Not sure what else to suggest there.
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