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Hello all,

I am looking for a monitor that is 27 inch's, PLS, and a resolution of 1440p.

The only thing in my price range ($400-$500) is some knockoff Crossover, is it even worthy?

Anyone have any suggestions on a monitor I might be able to afford for that price, or maybe plus $100.

I will be doing only gaming on this monitor, no FPS, all MMO's...

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  1. Does it have to be PLS? I just got a 27" Auria s-ips 2560x1440 for $400+tax at microcenter. It looks great after a few hours of adjustment (I'm picky).
  2. Does your Auria come with a power supply that will work in the US?
  3. He bought it at Microcenter which is a US store, so I would assume so.
  4. Yes. The port going into the monitor was weird, but coming out of the power adapter was a normal psu cable. They sell out fast so check your local store and see when they are in stock. I got the second to last one last weekend at my local store.
  5. How is the gaming on it? Refresh rate noticeable since its over 5 ms?
  6. BigMack70 said:
    You should get the Auria EQ276W. HDCP support, from a reputable brick and mortar store, plenty of inputs, good price... all around awesomeness. IMO it's the best version of these Korean LG panels and there's almost zero reason to even consider the brand name 1440p displays that cost several hundred dollars more.

    I've found the response time/ghosting/etc to be comparable to inexpensive sub-$200 TN displays.

    But if you're really sensitive to ghosting, etc, then you shouldn't be looking at these IPS displays anyways.

    You do realize that there are only a few companies that actually make the panels and companies that sell you the monitors and TV all purchase from them right?

    The difference is that a Tier 1 manufacturer will get to go in and pick the quality panels first, then tier 2 and tier 3 and so on. Obviously early tiers pay the higher prices for their stuff. This explains a lot of the cost difference, but it doesn't explain it all as all the work they put into making the picture better goes beyond just the panel. But also, many companies simply buy from the same makers and re-badge and package the screens in different bezels.

    That is 99% of the reason a Westinghouse TV looks like crap compared to a LG or Samsung and the reason why you have very cheap 27" monitors compared to expensive 27" monitors. That other 1% is split with .8% to the marketing that companies like Monster and Bose spend to make you think their polished standard products are actually better than anyone else's and .2% to those companies that know some people will simply pay more thinking the higher price equals better quality somehow.
  7. Well, I totally agree about Monster but I don't know what people's beef is with BOSE, I feel like BOSE at least isn't trying to sucker people into buying overpriced stuff like Monster, BOSE just advertises itself as a high-end speaker maker, whether it is justified or not, and people will buy it. Best Buy tried to sell my dad 2 3ft and a 1 6ft diamond/carbon fibre something or other plated HDMI monster cable, 12 ft of cable only 800 bucks what a steal, only half the price of the damn TV.

    But for premium technology like that I would much rather just save my money and buy a quality one that lasts, although I even think the price difference between a Dell 1440p and one of the off brands like BenQ is insane, its like a 300 dollar difference for the same size.
  8. Ok,
    So the majority of the people commenting on here would agree that the Auria is a decent monitor for the price? Especially for gaming MMo's?
  9. I have been playing Borderlands 2 and don't notice any ghosting. I OCd my 7870 to 1200/1200 and never get under 40 fps at max. It's definitely a great monitor.
  10. wanderer11 said:
    I have been playing Borderlands 2 and don't notice any ghosting. I OCd my 7870 to 1200/1200 and never get under 40 fps at max. It's definitely a great monitor.

    The response time isn't to noticeable as well? I think it's 6.5 or something. I am going to get a VESA mount for it as well. I just wish the bezel looked different.
  11. I can't tell the difference between the 6.5 on this and the 5 on my old monitor.
  12. You might want to research the korean catleap monitors sold on e-bay. They are 2560 x 1440 27" monitore which are made from repurposed apple displays. Gppgle "catleap forum" to find some discussions on them from actual users. Most seem to be very pleased.
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