Added another 6970 and some issues have formed!

Hey all,

I thought i'd pick some of your brains about this problem, I recently back in October upgraded my pc to adding a 2nd MSI 6970 Lightning card, as i'm sure some of you are aware these things are huge and because of their overclocking potential they get hot and loud.

Anyhow when I bought the 2nd one, I bought a bigger case and bigger PSU I ordered a Corsair 850watt TX for the machine, keeping my old AMD Phenom II 1090T clocked to 4200mhz I thought this wouldn't be a problem and would be quite a nice upgrade.

I must admit when I got them setup in crossfire, I was a little dissapointed at the peformance these mammoth things churned out... I started to realise it could be my old dated AMD Phenom holding them back.

I have noticed that since i've bought a 2nd monitor the first card idles at around 47c and the second card sits at a respectable 29c from what i've heard this is an issue with AMD cards as the first card ramps up to 500mhz idle where the second sits at 250mhz, good old AMD :P

Anyhow the lastest nightmare since the 2nd monitor came is the game crashes. I'll be running games in high or ultra and seem to be getting crashes every now and then, I did some investigation and noticed that when my screens are crashing causing me to restart one of the cards have hit 70-72c. So I changed my fan profiles so the fans are going mental and not letting the card reach anywhere nice 65-67c.

Couple of questions really.... Should my 6970 Lightning cards with their Mammoth heatsyncs not be able to handle the temps on their normal profiles!?!?! Is this just poor design by MSI?

IS my 850watt Corsair TX PSU enough?

Is my CPU holding back the cards causing them to bottleneck and crash?!

It's upsetting really, because these cards are still £200 odd each... So i'd like to think they can keep me happy... I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU to an i7 3770K. Would this make a huge difference?
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  1. Just an update, I removed my second monitor. Temps dropped by about 15c on the top card, so far with custom fan profiles no locks tonight anymore!
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