How do i solve network adapter problem on laptop

I had a new program installed on my laptop and since I picked it up from the computer guy I cannot connect to my home (or any other) wifi. All my other devices (iPad, android, etc.) connect with no I am guessing there is an issue with my laptop. Since I did not have this problem before having an unrelated program installed, I wonder if there is any connection between the two, and how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It would help if you told us what software was installed that may have caused the problem.
  2. Yes, the software is Adobe Master Collection CS5
  3. You are right, Adobe CS5 should not have caused problems with your wireless settings!

    Anything else changed? Did you uninstall any software to make room for CS5?
  4. Thank you all - my computer geek friend resolved the problem...not sure what it was, probably user malfunction...have a great day!
  5. If you can find out how it was fixed you might help someone else later with the same problem ;)
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