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Which Way To Go.. Need NAS for PS3 Streaming of Movies

So, I have about $570 to spend today (long story), and I'm looking to setup a NAS of sorts to steam movies/music to my PS3 via PS3 Media Server. Here are my options:
1) Re-purpose my parents older Dell tower (Core 2 Duo) and use as 'NAS'/torrent downloader, and buy HDD's with the $570.
2) Purchase a Synology 212j, and (2) 2TB drives
3) Wait for upcoming upgrade at my office, and utilize the Poweredge 840, or T100 server as NAS/etc... And, not spend the $570.

I know there are significant differences between these three setups.. But, I think that using my parents old computer will make the most sense, right?
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    Using the old Dell tower or the 840 will at least make your power company happy! Make yourself happy and by the Synology with a nice browser admin interface and pre-configured Media Server software. :)
  2. Thanks for selling me on the Synology... I pulled the trigger, have the 4-bay on the way.. Might use that one for work, then take the 2 bay home with me.. Not sure..
  3. You are on the right way :)
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