SLI 660 only getting 30-40 FPS in Battlefield 3 Ultra?

It's really starting to frustrate me, honestly. I saw the benchmarks for the card and it looked sick, so I got them. So it runs Battlefield 3 at around 30-40 FPS, it's as if it's not using SLI however I checked MSI Afterburner and both the cards are being used:

(The spoilers are just rather large images)

I'm not sure whether I need to update my motherboard drivers, but I've updated my graphics drivers and it didn't help.

So can anyone help me out? This is really starting to frustrate me.

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  1. Maybe close some backgrounds applications? Also, what Power supply, processor and motherboard do you have?
  2. I've got 750 W, M5 A99X EVO Mobo and an FX-8350 AMD Processor. I think I've fixed it now, though.
  3. go on google or ask nvidias live chat:

    you shouldn't be getting 30-40fps.
    I have a gtx 570, 1600x900 everything on ultra and it gets 60+fps easily...
  4. What kind of FPS are you getting with SLI 660s now all ultra in bf3? Curious? 3DMark 11' performance score?
  5. I've sort of fixed it, I updated my Bios and Graphics Drivers, then disabled/re enabled SLI and it works fine now.
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