Is there a card that I will gain from?

So I have the upgrade itch. Now more than ever.

Im completely fine with my CPU setup. i7-970 OCd.
Got plenty of RAM: 16gb ripjaw 1600 ddr3

I have a 1080p 28 inch LCD monitor and I play all my games @ 1900x1200.

My video cards are 2 GTX 460 768mb cards in SLI.

The only games I play atm on my PC are BF3, Skyrim, WoW and Starcraft II.

I almost pushed the button and picked up a 7950 because I hear its an OC monster, but even then would I see any noticeable FPS and performance gains?

A lot of people are telling me to hold out for the next gen. What do you think?
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  1. Skyrim and BF3 would benefit having more vram. I would stick it out at least until next gen then prices will be down on 7 series
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