Whats the diff between upgrade and full retail win7?

whats the difference between upgrade and full retail of win 7?

i haed win 7 does not have dx10?
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  1. There are actually 3 types of Windows 7 licenses (and 3+ types of Windows 7, but that wasn't part of the question):
    OEM: This is a full version of Windows, it can be installed on any PC, but, legally, it cannot be transferred to another PC even if uninstalled from the first one. It usually comes in a simple CD sleeve without any box or manual. I think most people in this forum would go for this.
    Retail: This is also a full version of Windows, but, unlike OEM, the license is "floating"; you can install it on any number of PC, but it can be installed on only 1 PC at a time. If you buy a new PC, you can just uninstall it from the old one an install it on the new one. It usually comes in a box with some manual and costs about twice the price of OEM.
    Upgrade: An upgrade version is for people that already have a prior version of Windows installed, therefore it isn't suited for new PC. I'm not a fan of upgrades, because if you have to reinstall your OS, you have to reinstall the old OS first than do the upgrade again, basically installing the OS twice. I think this version also comes with box and manual and cost about the same as OEM.
  2. ok because i wante to wipe everything off my stems by hdd reformat and then install win 7 so oem is best bet for that? as retail is not for me as its only ever going to be on one pc and upgrade is the wierd version of oem?
  3. but as in features they are all the same?
  4. Between OEM, Upgrade and Retail, yes they will all contain the same features. Features will only vary by version as illustrated here.
  5. If you want to replace a prior operating system with Windows 7, then you are eligible to buy an upgrade version instead of a full version. This normally requires you to have the previous version loaded on the disk when you run the install, but if you want to do a clean install it is possible via the instructions here: http://www.winsupersite.com/win7/clean_install_upgrade_media.asp
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