Need expert approval before I buy

First time builder. Here are the parts i'm looking at
case is not listed so here's a link to the case [...] =U12-42350

Do you think there is any issues w/ this build. I have operating system already.

I was thinking maybe I should get the AMD fx -6300 instead of the 6100 or is the 4300 better. Is it much of a difference
The power supply is only 430W is that enough. I like that brand better although I can get the 500W Corsair but it would be more expensive and I don't like dealing w/ rebates.

Any bottlenecks in this build. Will everything fix in that case. Thanks for the help! :)

Also I will be using this to play wow, diablo etc. Do I really need the Hypermaster CPU cooler since the processor is not going to be overclocked. Sometimes I game for 3 hours straight to give you an idea.
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  1. I would get a better PSU for your video card and system. Rather than looking at overall wattage, try to get both a quality PSU, but also look at something like the 12V rail and see how many Amps it runs on it (GPU power requirements will also say how much it requires on the 12V rail, the 660 is low-mid 20A's i think)

    It will probably still work, but may not be stable or shutoff if the load gets too high, so don't risk the damage.

    You don't need the CPU cooler, the stock cooler is fine, but it can get kind of loud since it is pretty small and the small fan will be spinning fast. And unless you live in a hot or pretty warm area, heat problems without an OC shouldnt be an issue. But you can use programs like Coretemp to keep track of it.
  2. The 4300 or 6300 would be a better choice- 10-15% increase in ipc as well as overall better efficiency.
  3. thanks and thanks to both the above poster. Can someone recommend a quality psu for that build that's not above $50 dollars?

    The 6300 is 20 dollars more than the 4300 is it worth it will it effect my gaming.

    Besides that everything looks good then because i'm anxious to order before the instant savings are gone. and no cpu cooler. I've might of been a little conservative on my gaming time what if i raid and have to stay on for 5 hours will the cpu heat up

    Noob question. Will these parts come w/ the drivers needed or will I have to look for it online?
  4. XFX ProSeries P1-450S-X2B9 450W 49.99 AR (my personal choice from this list.)
    Corsair cx500 also 49.99 AR
    Antec VP-450 39.99 (doesn't technically have an 80+ rating due to the little voltage switch on the back, but has been tested to maintain 80+ efficiency with ease.)
    Corsair cx430 34.99 AR (this will most likely cut it if you really don't plan on overclocking.)

    That being said, I do recommend overclocking if going the fx route. If not overclocking you could look at an i3/ locked i5 for not a whole lot more.

    It is best to download the most up to date drivers from the manufactures website.
  5. So I chose the cx430 thanks.

    So I don't need the cpu cooler than?

    and i'm good to go w/ that new supply
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