Which gaming gpu setup makes the most sense? Vote!

I am trying to make the best decision I can on my new gaming rig gpu setup. Right now I have it between an MSI GTX 680 Lightning and bios flash to unlock and OC it to a real nice stable OC. My other choice is multi-gpu setups between the 7870 HAWK GB in crossfire and a GTX 660 Ti windforce 2 in SLi. I have heard the AMD mid-range cards are not working well in crossfire right now but they are working on a fix right now for that, it is the least expensive option right now as well and will give me really good results in most games I play. The GTX 660 Ti SLi is a good option also, the most expensive of the three, but I hear the 192-bit bus will bottleneck me in the not-too-distant future. So please vote guys I need your help!

Also I am buying EXCLUSIVELY from Tigerdirect, so I have to go by their prices. Thanks!
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  1. Please vote it up guys thanks
  2. Er... I think you did the poll wrong? Can't vote. Anyway, I wouldn't click any of those three. I'd take a GTX670! Of your options, I guess the GTX680 if you're gonna take advantage of that unlock.
  3. Oh well if the poll doesn't work, then just type it out as your response on here. Thanks.
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