Building a system help

I am planning to build this system just need some help choosing my parts

cpu: 3770k or a 3930k

GTX 670 2GB X 2
GTX 670 4GB x 2
GTX 680 2 GB x 2
Radeon HD 7970 3 gb x 2

with the selection of gpu recommend a company E.G asus msi evag

hard drive:
2x sdd Kingston Technology HyperX 3K in raid 0

cpu cooler

h100i corsair


2 x 8GB clocked 1633mhz


iv formula

Cooler Master HAF XM

OCZ 1000W ZX Series PSU 80

the monitor is 1080 x 1920 and a 2540x1440

i planning to gamming and music editing it would be nice to get some recomndation i plan to over clock my gpus and cpu
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