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Hello I just built my first computer and have a question. I did not get a gpu because I didn't have enough money at the time. I could purchase a low end one soon around $75 like a 6670. Or i could Wait 1-3 months gather some more money and hope for a price drop and get a 7850-7870.

Here are my specs
Amd Phenom x4 945
corespeed: @3.30 MHz

Kingston HyperX

Hyper 212+

Hard Drive

Cosair GS600


Optical Drive
Asus Dvd Burner (Enough to Install Windows)

Zalman Z9 U3

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi. What's your monitor resolution? If you want to game at high resolution like 1920 x 1080 and can wait, I suggest waiting for a better card.
  2. Right now my monitor res is 1920 by 1024 i belive. But once i get a Gpu my next upgrade will be a 1080p monitor.
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    For that resolution you should go with at least the HD 7850 as you've said. Since the price difference between the HD 7850 2GB and the HD 7870/GTX 660 isn't that much, I suggest going with those instead if you can.
  4. Okay I think I will suffer with the mobo graphics and not being able to play Planetside 2 for a few months and get a beast of a graphics card instead. Thanks for the help. ALso one more thing whats better the 7870 or 660?\

    Thanks again
  5. I can't answer that since they're not that different. You can find many threads on this subject here and you'll have plenty of time to decide. I personally go with the cheapest one since I don't prefer one over the other. You're welcome.
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