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I’m relatively new to multiple monitors. My video card is a Nvidia GTX 670 2GB. Right now I have a 24 inch widescreen as my main monitor. I also have a dell 17 inch widescreen rotated in portrait. Ideally I want another 17 inch widescreen, and put it on the opposite side rotate portrait as well as I have access to them rather easily. Right now I have a different style 17 on the left of a 24.

In a perfect world, I would have 3 24 (or 27!) inch monitors all lined up together, but for now I am just playing around with the monitors I have easy access to.

My questions are, connecting them all, and how much more I can do with them. I know that in games like the DCS line of flight sims, there are lua files you can edit to put different gauges on different screens, etc.

As far as connections for these 3, the 24 has an HDMI connection, will I lose any quality if I use that HDMI connecting for my gaming monitor or should I stick with the DVI port? I only have 2 DVI ports. I’m sticking the other two monitors on the DVI (one is only VGA at the moment but I have a converter plug.

It works well for work related type tasks, I enjoy it when working at home and have several screens right in front of me.

But, can I game with all 3? Even if they are different sizes? Normally I’ll have one on with the game, and another with teamspeak, or some app.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.
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  1. I was looking around the net, and this is messier than I like, but, the two side monitors, those are the exact dell monitors, portrait setup, I have access to and was looking into doing that setup.
  2. I'll probably do the middle HDMI and the two outer DVI.
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