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Ok, To start I posted a thread up here a while back about my computer freezing on me, doesnt black out or nothing just freezes. To start without testing anything I thought it to be mine graphics card, had some cheep gigabyte card in the comp when I got it. So I replaced it, still same issue. Then I was told to see if I was HDD, instead of fighting reparation the one I i just put a better/bigger. I am now running a

Asus M4N82 Deluxe mobo
4g (2x 2g Corsair DD2) Ram
Nvidia Geforce GTX 285( NEW)
AMD Phemon II X4 proc

I tried to run a Prime95 GPU stress test and made it like 35seconds into it and it froze. So i took the card out put the old one in and in less time Crash. So where do I go from here...
The Processor and MoBo are the only thing left to replace... :( and strapped for Cash. Plz help

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  1. Prime95 is a CPU stress test, the locking would indicate your cpu is overheating

    check your heatsink fan , make sure its clean and working, you may need to replace thermal paste
  2. Cleaned and Replaced Thermal Paste just to be on the safe side, re-ran test didnt take long for the same thing to happen again. Fan is working I am assuming that the person I got this from did build it right. Is the fan suppose to pull air off the heat sink, or force are onto? right now its forcing onto, yet its less than 2.5inches from a case exhaust fan(pulling air out.

    If it does get hot at some point or did, will it cause this same lock up. Should I worry about just replacing the entire processor, heat sink and fan?
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