What GPU to get for 3 monitors

I am building a new rig and and coming to a standstill when trying to figure out what gpu I want/need to get. I am holding of on ordering everything until i decide.

so far I have decided on:

i7 3770k
Asus Maximus V Gene
32gb Corsair Vengeance
Corsair 850W bronze

I haven't put together a new PC in quite a few years, so if there is any other info you're needing just let me know.

I am wanting to be able to run 3 monitors and run games on Ultra settings, wanting to run all 3 monitors at 1920x1080.

Edit: Forgot to state that I am also trying to get the best possible frame rate no lower than 40-50 fps. And trying to stay in the ball park of $300-$400, but I am willing to go more if it is worth it.
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  1. He's right^ at ultra with resolutions that high you need loads of VRAM and GPU horsepower. If you want a single card that cand do it, here you go:
  2. Ok so based on these recommendations is it better to run a crossfire setup or a single card?
  3. a single card
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Crossfire will be better for triple monitor gaming..... if he's gonna go single card it should be a 7990/690.

    Of course, single card is OK if you don't mind turning settings down, but if you're wanting to get max or near-max settings in all games, you need two cards minimum.
    +1 agreed
  5. Ok so the dual HD 7970 Ghz edition cards are gonna be the best to go with. Thanks for all of the input.
  6. Any particulars on manufacturer? XFX vs Sapphire?
  7. permafrost666 said:
    Any particulars on manufacturer? XFX vs Sapphire?
  8. Thanks again.
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