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I need to upgrade my graphics card but am unsure if the psu can handle it. How do I tell?
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  1. first you could tell us what psu you have?
  2. Bestec model TFX0250DFW
  3. well, depends on your system (no idea what you have) but that power supply is weak so nothing that would recquire a power connection. possibly a 7750 at best.
  4. Do you recommend upgrading psu or is the cost higher than a new pc?
  5. thats not a standard psu, so you cant just drop in a new one, unless you contact dell for an upgraded unit (wich wont be cheap, even if they are able to help you).

    what are the rest of your system specs?

    maybe its worth an upgrade but hard to tell without knowing the system.
  6. Intel pentium E2220
    4096 MBytes RAM on dual channels
    What else?
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    that cpu wont hack it. i have one, and have tried it with swtor, no good. time to invest in a new build, you can put something new together for cheap.
  8. I'm not to savvy with all this I'm not sure I'm up to the task
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  10. What are you trying to do with the system that you feel you need to upgrade the VGA card?
  11. brick270 said:
    I'm not to savvy with all this I'm not sure I'm up to the task

    building a new pc is quite easy, dont be afraid of it. theres certainly plenty of people here that can help you through the process.
  12. Also a lot of youtube videos that can walk you threw it.
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