Help with cooling 2 GTX 680's

I have two Geforce GTX 680's running in an SLI configuration, one with the standard blower fan design, and one has the MSI dual fan cooler. The bottom card "MSI" will at a maximum reach temps of up to 64 degrees Celsius. However, the top card will reach like 93 degrees celcius sometimes... anyone have a good way of cooling an SLI setup without switching to a full blown watercooling solution? I have a Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case, all of the case fans are maxed out... :??:

any feedback is greatly appreciated

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  1. first thing I would do is to switch your cards and put your blower card at the bottom. the reasoning is that heat rises, and the blower card sitting on top is getting some warmed up air from your MSI card.

    other than that, check your fan configurations, how many intake/exhaust fans do you have? how fast is "maxed out" and what types of fans do you have? an efficient air-flow system, or in essence an wind-tunnel, is important for cooling
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