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Hi, I'm using a HP elitebook 8540w with a Nvidia quadro fx 1800M, Whenever I run a game or anything that uses hardware acceleration (including things like VLC media player), My computer gets a black screen then the blue screen of death. Even weirder is that the same thing happen if I run a Mario game from 1998 or if I run crysis 2 on extreme settings. The game plays for about 5 seconds before the sound messes up and then the blue screen of death comes up. I thought my computer might be overheating but I started monitoring my Gpu and Cpu temerature and they were peaking at 68 C for the Cpu and 63 C for the GPU which is fine for a laptop. Initially it looked like a DirectX problem but reinstalled DirectX using the web installer and still the exact same things happened. I am using the latest graphics card driver available and no it is not a beta driver and it is from the official website. Even weirder is that when I Checked with GPU-Z what graphics card I have, my GPU model number matched the one of the Nvidia Geforce gt 210m! I'm supposed to have a quadro card for god's sake!

I really need this machine working. Someone PLEASE help
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  1. should come up as a gt215 iirc.
  2. yes. so what now? I installed the driver for the 215 and the installer checked system compatibility an said it was ok, it did that for the quadro drivers as well
  3. Hey everyone, just following up on my post, finally I decided to get HP to come and do whatever they wanted because my onsite support hadn't expired yet and turns out the heatsink pads had fallen off the memory chips on the actual graphics card, we replaced the whole card and everything was great! I don't know whether this will help the other hundreds of 8540w users but when I thought about it, this can't be the only problem for other users. Thanks everyone anyway for posting.
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