Unable setup windows or open herins cd

helle , every body i have laptop Toshiba Satellite C850 pscbwv
when open it and put my flash usb to setup windows 8 i press button f12 and select" usb " , press enter , the laptop continues to open windows ,don't open usb

and well , when put bootable cd windows 8 when press dvd ,and press enter laptop don't open bootable cd and countine to open windows
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  1. sorry but that made no sense... but what i think your saying is that you cant get to the windows setup screen?

    also maybe it just needs to boot off your usb

    also what is your main(born with) language? because if it is not english sorry for being kinda of mean i just dont understand what you are saying
  2. I just got a new Toshiba Satellite C850 b561 with Windows 8 pre-installed. I got my Windows 8 pro 64-bit installation on a bootable USB (it works with all of my other computers, including my Satellite . As I hate Windows 8 I decided to make a clean install with Windows 8 pro & configuration my hard disk . I created a bottable USB, plugged it in, went into the BIOS and changed the boot priority to USB as primary but-.. When I saved it doesn't boot from the USB. It just boots right back into Windows.

    I have tried the same thing with a Windows 8 pro DVD. It gives me the following message when I try to boot from any of the above: "System doesn't have any CD/DVD boot option." and "System doesn't have any USB boot option."

    What should I do? I'm in a hurry with this laptop as I'm using it in university.
  3. have you tried going into the boot menu? you dont change it through the bios it has to be through the boot menu
  4. i do that but nothing
  5. do you already have windows installed or any OS installed on your laptop?
  6. yes , i have windows 8 but i need to install windows 8 pro
  7. well yeah you need to have to have a clean hard drive to upgrade or you can do the windows anytime ugrade... not sure how to find this on win 8 but it is preinstalled with windows so yeah
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